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Bay at the Moon

..Want to Kiss the Wolf?..

Dani, Danny, Lips, Kurtis, Cesár, Croft, and Kano
31 March
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acting, anal, angelina jolie, anime, anti-acne, anti-politically correct, archaeology, architecture, ark of the covenant, art, bdsm, biology, buddhism, butches, canines, cartoons, cat woman, cate archer, cats, celtic lore, cheese, christianity, clothes, comedy, comics, computers, crafts, culture, d/s, dane cook, dogs, druids, dvds, egypt, excersize, fairy tales, faruza balk, fashion, fatal frame, felines, fencing, ffx-2, final fantasy, gay, gender bending, genderfuck, genderqueer, genetics, ghosts, glow-in-the-dark condoms, gohatto, greece, guns, halle berry, hamsters, harrison ford, hauntings, hawks, highschool, hinduism, historical fiction, history, holistic herbs, houses, indiana jones, indie rock, ireland, islam, jaguars, james bond, japan, jthm, judaism, kano sozubura, lara croft, leopards, lesbian, leslie feinberg, liberty, life, lions, london, love, lycanthrope, lycanthropy, magick, manors, men, museums, music, mythology, no one lives forever, norse myths, novels, oatmeal cookies, occult, olympics, opera metal, opeth, oral, pansexual, paris, phsycology, pizza, poetry, pride, pygmies, queer, rock, rome, rotc, ryuhei matsuda, school, scotland, scottish, sean connery, short shorts, sozabura kano, spider man, sports, squall, squee, stone butch blues, sudan, surfing, taboo, tactics, the daily show, the sims, theatre, theology, therianthropy, tomb raider, tomb raider chronicles, tomb raider last revelation, tropico, underworld, vienna, werewolves, wicca, wind surfing, witchcraft, wolves, women, working, writing, yuna